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Hello! This is Reeve Tai. My experience in the advertising/ PR / Event industry began more than six years ago. I spent the last 2 years in a position of leadership as an account manager, overseeing the interaction with many different clients. As a highly motivated and results-oriented professional with experience overseeing client relationship management, budget administration, and production follow up.

I'm not only an account servicing person. To brainstorm with client and my teammates is one of my favourite parts. I got different knowledge from pervious working experience, like digital insight, production, event and social feed copywriting. 

Fun, active learner, enjoys challenge and adaptable are part of me. Those elements help to get the job done well and working partners satisfied. 

I selected some of my works to show on this website, there are more to share with you, let's have a talk and share my stories.

+852 6026 0497

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