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Citywalk - a shopping located at Tsuen Wan mainly targeted on family and young generations. We had proposed different interactive media event for Citywalk. Since the Tokyo 2020 was extend due to covid-19, we need to change the theme from Tokyo 2020 to an IP projects.

Take Photos here and create your Sports Gala entry pass, by getting the pass, you can enjoy the game in Zone 1.

By using this machine, we can help Citywalk to collect client's data base when they create their entry pass.

In Zone 1, we have different interactive game, each game with different motion setting. 


Running Starter - To test the reaction time of the player, record will be shown and verses that of Kumamon or some famous athletes.


Dancing Challenge - Kumamon’s video dancing video would be appearing on the projection wall, players have to follow the movement of Kumamon. The sensor can detect the movement and show record on the projection wall


Basketball Challenge - 5-6 players as a team. They need to throw the ball and hit the specific graphic to get scores within 1 min.

Boxing Challenge - To test player reaction and strength. Sensor can record player score, strength and reaction time. The screen will also show Kumamon score and reaction time.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-06 at 4.02.27 PM.

Zone 2 is a junior olympic, the game is much more easier and fun which suitable for family and kids to spend time in Zone 2 area. 


Warm up Zone - Kids need to squat exercises for 1 min as a warm up before they enter the game.


Obstacles Race - Kids need to go through different obstacles such as jumping along the tyres, climbing and sliding down little slope, rolling barrel along the road etc.


Swimming - Kids need to simulate the free style pose, laying on the platform with wheels e.g. skateboard and use their hands to move forward.  


Cycling - Kids need to ride the cycling until they reach the required distance, locations will be shown on the huge projection wall with funny Kumamon’s graphic.

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